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Struggling with your security training issues every day and want high quality screener training without any significant down-time?

You CAN get excellent screener training. It’s just a click away.

Quadratica UK are primary providers of high quality Aviation Security Training courses and our team have been in this industry for well over 12 years, so we know what we’re talking about. Constantly working alongside industry-leading security experts who are highly regarded throughout the world, we have produced an extremely capable computer based training system that can complement and enhance any X-Ray training regime that you may already have in place.

Do you have a need for superior security training?
We have a passion that we must all do everything we can to ensure those people who have decided to dedicate their lives to safeguarding the travelling public are provided with the very best tools to help them become well trained and effective in their jobs. That is why X-Screen® was designed as a web enabled product from the beginning in order to break the traditional style of Security Training and make it affordable for everyone involved in providing security services. Airport Security training is high profile and constantly in the spotlight, and that’s why we all need to get it right, first time.

Do you need economical training, but just can’t find it?
For far too long only the use of state of the art Computer Based Training has involved high costs and capital expenditure. This means that our security systems were full of training weak spots. X-Screen®, which provides the highest possible quality X-Ray Image Recognition training, is available at the lowest possible price we can achieve. X-Ray training has never been better.

Our commitment to you is that you will benefit from years of development without being asked to pay extraordinary prices. What is more we will strive to continue to drive the cost of Security CBT down in direct proportion to the number of people who sign up for the training. In order to help you to help us to achieve these numbers we are offering a rewards scheme where if you recommend our training to a friend or colleague we will credit your account with 10% of the value of their purchase. The rewards scheme will be online soon, so check back shortly to see how you can start earning your rewards.

What is more we will not hide the prices and force you to expose yourself to a salesman who will try to convince you that you NEED all sorts of products and CAN afford it. We will let the quality of our system and our prices do that for us. Of course if you WANT some assistance just contact us and we will do everything we can to help you.

Would you like to give your staff online, self-paced training to alleviate your day-to-day training burden?
X-Screen® is available both as a traditional classroom system and via the internet. Many other suppliers of similar training systems make the same claim, but Quadratica are the first to take advantage of ground breaking technology and provide customers with a true web-based product using the same X-Ray correct images that are displayed on real X-Ray machines. This means complete flexibility for the user, removing any geographic barrier that was historically hindering this kind of training. Now individual users can long-in to our secure site and take training sessions on X-Ray simulators, or indeed lessons in any of our on-line courses.

Do your employees need to take the GSAT course quickly and painlessly, with the minimum of effort to get their airport security passes?
Quadratica UK's General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) package employs the very latest thinking in focussed training delivery and Computer Based Training technology.

Our GSAT course utilises the very best in computer generated training solutions and is fully DfT compliant, complete with comprehensive instruction and assessment. We provide our customers with first class 'targeted' training and exceptional value for money.

The training will take the following format:

  • Online modulated interactive CBT course with voice-over and supporting written text
  • A pre-assessment with performance feedback
  • Online assessment at the end of the training course
  • Free online re-test in the event of a failed first attempt
  • Printable certificate on successful completion
See our Shop section for further course details.