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About Us

Quadratica’s team, historically, have a proven track record in producing high quality x-ray security screener training through over 30 combined years of producing screener training systems.

Our background in human interface design, product design, communications, project management and high-end programming give Quadratica a distinct advantage over its competitors. Quadratica offers a product that is far superior to any other product on the market, and is hugely advanced and infinitely more user friendly than anything you have ever experienced. The product we are referring to is called X-Screen®.

Working alongside industry-leading security experts who are highly regarded throughout the world, Quadratica have produced an extremely comprehensive computer based training system that complements any X-Ray training regime already in place. With a certified increase in X-Ray screener examination results in established X-Screen® sites, Quadratica are proud to be able to offer X-Screen® as an X-Ray machine training simulation system that will boost X-Ray screener’s proficiency and image recognition skills. Available as the world’s first web-hosted training system, X-Screen® has many features not found on any other systems available today. Not only available to the traditional aviation security industry sector, X-Screen® is more applicable to other security sensitive areas, such as the Prison Facilities or Building and Port Security because X-Screen®’s in-built proprietary image library is not restricted to aviation-only images, like many of its rival systems.

X-Screen® officially satisfies the UK DfT / CAA requirements for X-Ray training and it's the only system in the Netherlands, for example, to be authorised for use in Cargo X-Ray training. We have X-Ray training systems in place all over the world (over 100 separate sites - see our customer list) and we are now in the process of updating all of these systems to our latest version; V2.

We also provide a suite of online training courses that compliment our core environment which you can find on our Shop page. Covering subjects such as Checkpoint Training, X-Ray Pre-selection Assessment, Fire Safety, GSAT, Known Consignor, Airport Suppliers, STP, Mailroom Threat, etc. we're sure you'll find something to satisfy your training needs!