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Prepare for DNXCT with Quadratica’s X-Screen® 3D online training system

X-Screen® 3D is the only web-based training system that simulates the new line of 3D and CT X-ray machines used at UK airports over he internet without any software or hardware installations. It allows screeners to practice their image analysis skills on realistic scenarios, using a variety of tools and features, over the web with a fully functioning and realistic interface.

by Giles Ramsden

X-Screen® 3D is here...!

We are extremely excited to announce that X-Screen® 3D is ready to roll out to industry.

by Giles Ramsden

X-Screen® is now mobile!

X-Screen® is now available on all mobile platforms allowing for training right where you want it.

by Giles Ramsden

Train Safely

Training doesn't have to be a hassle. It doesn't need to be stressful. CBT can take all that pain away...

by Giles Ramsden


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we want to reassure you that Quadratica has prepared response & business continuity plans to ensure we can maintain operations and do everything necessary to support our customers and partners during this crisis.

by Giles Ramsden

TIP Driven Training

The subject of TIP driven training is often a contentious topic

by Giles Ramsden


Cruise ships have been carrying passengers and sailing the oceans around the world for years

by Giles Ramsden

Critical Infrastructure

Power stations, chemical plants, defence sites, financial establishments are examples of the essential services that go to make up the National critical infrastructure.

The Challenge of Mass Recruitment

We’ve noticed an interesting pattern when working in the Major Events / Games sector. A similar challenge comes up each time, yet every organising committee.

by Chris Grey