Regulations from out of the USA

by Giles Ramsden

While we are all aware the threat is real, there are recognised ways and means of handling those threats. Knee-jerk reactions resulting in huge media hype doesn’t give anyone the nice, secure feeling that Security Operatives at airports are doing their job properly and keeping them safe. The truth is, they are... and they always have been. These guys are brilliant at identifying anything out of the ordinary and the majority of them have been trained to do so very well. They are there at the Security Checkpoint to keep you safe. Their prime objective is to make sure nothing gets through the system that could pose a threat to passengers and crew.

Blocking flights from certain countries will only make those that intend to do us harm operate out of a different country, while banning electronic items of a certain size will only make terrorists use other methods of concealment. The truth is, Operators who have been trained well will have no problem identifying Improvised Devices, no matter what size of device is used