TIP Driven Training

by Giles Ramsden

The subject of TIP driven training is often a contentious topic. There are those that think a TIP system on an X-Ray machine is sufficient to train their operators with. While there are those who believe TIP is a great tool for identifying operators who lack concentration or are having difficulties identifying threat items in an X-Ray image and require remedial training. Training, while in an operational environment, like TIP, is not conducive to good results.

6-in-6 training in the EU is mostly fulfilled with some kind of CBT system, as is similar X-Ray Operator Training in many other parts of the world. We believe that the only way to successfully train operators is by using a high-quality CBT product, thus exposing them to images of threat items they wouldn’t necessarily come across in their everyday duties. This, coupled with machine specific interfaces, makes sure operators are given the most effective training possible.