by Giles Ramsden

Cruise ships have been carrying passengers and sailing the oceans around the world for years. Currently HUGE cruise liners hold thousands of people at a time, all having a great time on holiday. What a great target for the terrorist, right?

During a cruise, the ship will dock at numerous ports while passengers disembark for day trips. Those passengers need to come back on to the ship, and it’s this scenario that Ship Security need to administer in an effective manner. Everyone returning from the port needs to have themselves and their belongings screened before coming on board, but relying on each port to do this on the ship’s behalf this isn’t an efficient solution.

Each cruise ship requires their own security screening point and as a result, security staff need to be trained to identify threat items quickly and successfully. Taking staff from the ship to be trained is a very difficult task given the continuous travel, so the only efficient way to train them effectively is to have the training on board the ship. That’s where CBT comes in… a decent CBT system, like X-Screen™, can be installed on a vessel and access training through the Cloud so that an entire fleet can be trained with minimal effort. A centralised administrator can control the training while accessing training reports on a regular basis.

On-board training using CBT is an inexpensive and time-saving solution to what is quite a complex requirement. A fleet of ships could number 40-odd which makes individual training very difficult.