Critical Infrastructure

Power stations, chemical plants, defence sites, financial establishments are examples of the essential services that go to make up the National critical infrastructure. In modern times, these facilities are crucial to the nation’s functionality and upon which, daily life depends. Therefore it is important we protect these facilities from any interference from outside influences.

Much like the rest of the industry sectors we provide services to, the National Critical Infrastructure depends on a quality security regime to keep them safe. And as with most other situations, security operatives appointed in these locations need to be highly trained and skilled at their job. And that’s where we come in. Our online services provide essential and focussed training into establishments that require a higher degree of security than most other locations. Bringing trainers in and out of high security areas can be problematic and time consuming, as well as having to provide rigorous back ground checks each time- there’s a high degree of trust that needs to be established.

On-site training using our CBT systems reduces that security risk and gives our clients the peace of mind they require. Operating 24 hours and day, 7 days a week means our training is available at the touch of a button… ideal if your training requirements need to be fluid and cost effective