Checkpoint Security Training

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£75.00 (Ex VAT)


Our Checkpoint Security Training course ensures that employees understand their role and responsibilities in relation to the safety of the Security Restricted Area (SRA), while on duty at an airport security checkpoint.

Designed for any member of staff employed to control access points, this course trains personnel to prepare people for security checks. It also covers searching bags and persons by hand and the use of X-Ray machines / metal detectors.

Based on the Department for Transport (DfT) syllabus for Security Operatives, each lesson introduces users to a new aspect of the job role and explains what is required. Employing the very latest thinking in Computer Based Training (CBT) technology, our CST course ensures new-hire screeners receive the required levels of introductory training.

The most advanced technology is of little value if operators aren’t appropriately trained. It’s important to remember that despite the substantial progress in X-Ray imaging, the final decision on luggage that does or doesn’t enter an aircraft is made by a human operator.

  • An outline of the requirements and responsibilities when operating security equipment at the checkpoint
  • Basic threat identification
  • X-Ray image recognition
  • Effective customer service techniques
  • Basic Profiling skills
  • Hand wand operation
  • Passenger Search
  • Baggage Search
  • Archway metal detector operation
  • Passenger risk assessment

CST course overview

Duration: Duration: 3-5 days (does not have to be completed in one sitting)
Price: £75 + VAT

Trainee progress is monitored throughout the course via assessments compulsory to completion of the course. The complete course can consist of pure theory lessons as outlined below or combined with X-Screen Simulator practical sessions.

Lesson 1 - The Threat to Aviation
Lesson 2 - Maintaining Effective Security
Lesson 3 - General Security Awareness
Lesson 4 - SRA Access Control & Security
Lesson 5 - Checkpoint Overview
Lesson 6 - Threat Identification - IED's
Lesson 7 - Threat Identification - Firearms
Lesson 8 - Threat Identification - Sharps
Lesson 9 - Preparing People for Security Checks
Lesson 10 - Walk Through Metal Detectors
Lesson 11 - Hand Held Metal Detectors
Lesson 12 - Searching People
Lesson 13 - Searching Baggage
Lesson 14 - Using X-Ray Equipment
Lesson 15 - Conventional X-Ray Equipment
Lesson 16 - Image Recognition
Lesson 17 - Threat Image Projection (TIP)
Lesson 18 - Personal Risk Assessment

Affordable, Convenient, High Quality Training

At Quadratica UK we are continuously looking for ways to provide our customers with the best functionality, in the most economic format. DfT training can be expensive, and the quality of instruction can vary from trainer to trainer. Our online training courses deliver high quality training, every time. Scheduling training for a large work force no longer requires the hire of training rooms, or taking staff off the floor. Our courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so training can be scheduled around staff availability and convenience.

To keep our clients’ training overheads down, we have priced our courses by the unit – if only 2 people require training, our clients only pay for 2 units, whereas a certified instructor will charge the same amount whether they are training 2 or 20 people.

We provide training managers with the best possible tools to educate their security staff by continually developing groundbreaking technologies. Our products are designed with a strong focus on our customers’ ever evolving needs and the shifting landscapes of the security industry.

Important Regulations*

Security training cannot be delivered unless a background / employment check has been successfully completed. Therefore, as part of the assessment process for the CST course, a responsible company representative must confirm that security checks have taken place.

There may be consequences in providing false information to access the CST material. It’s also an infringement of the regulations if the Responsible Person is found to be falsifying their own credentials, or doesn’t take the course themselves.

£75.00 (Ex VAT)