Cargo - X-Ray Training

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Cargo X-Ray training using X-Screen® takes full advantage of the powerful modules already available within X-Screen® but with the addition of industry-relevant cargo images and interfaces; including manifest/airway bill information, full product photo images, X-Ray images and Threat details.

Unfortunately, aviation still remains a prime target for terrorist attacks and identifying the cargo route as a method of transporting and detonating explosive devices on board an aircraft has long been anticipated as a potential tactic. As a result, it is essential that X-Ray operators receive the finest training that they possibly can to prevent a successful strike from happening.

Quadraticas’ Cargo simulator module in X-Screen® complies with, and far exceeds, the latest EC300 legislations. With a huge number of relevant threat images in its library, X-Screen® delivers the most realistic and reliable training available today. With a wide range of X-Ray machines simulated, it offers the trainer the flexibility to deliver directed and engaging X-Ray image interpretation training where and when it’s really needed.


Available either as a stand-alone unit, a traditional classroom environment or a web-hosted system accessible from anywhere in the world, X-Screen® can be configured to your exact personal training needs. Reporting features within X-Screen® harvest all the data relevant your trainees that you could possible wish for. Student training time, session scores, lesson and image reports can all be compiled and exported at a touch of a button, giving you a full and complete overview of all X-Screen® training records. Perfect for reporting your training data to the DfT.


X-Screen® has a number of machine interfaces available in the system for Cargo Training; Rapiscan Single & Dual view and Smiths Single & Dual View machines. We are constantly working on new machine interfaces, so expect to see further environments added soon!

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