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Available now, this generic Fire Safety Awareness course is written in conjunction with well respected industry experts active in the Fire & Safety environment. Quadratica's Fire Safety Awareness (FSA) course covers the most important aspects of fire safety that will assist with containment and evacuation should a fire break out. The content of this course is paramount to saving lives and property. On completion, each student will be in receipt of the correct fire safety training; consistent with essential fire safety policies and UK employment law.

Convenient Access

Delivered on-line in manageable modules, each section covers an important aspect of fire safety in the workplace, allowing the student to digest each piece of important information before moving on to the next module. Completed in conjunction with your own evacuation instructions, subjects include the correct use of fire extinguishers and how to attack the different types of fires, alarm bells & the different types available, interpretation of fire safety signs and fire assembly points, this essential course covers the most important fire safety subjects that are necessary to keep people alive and uninjured in an emergency situation.

Measurable Performance

Video sections highlight the correct operating procedures for fire extinguishers, while the end-of-course assessment tests the user's knowledge of the subject. Interpreting fire safety signage, being aware of how to maintain a safe means of escape and understanding what to do if you discover a fire or hear a fire alarm are just a few of the topics that are presented and assessed within this on-line course.

Student Tracking

By law (The Fire Safety Order 2005 and The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974), employers are required to educate their employees on the fire safety procedures that have been put in place. Utilising the same technology that is behind all of Quadratica's on-line courses, our Fire Safety Awareness course benefits from our inherent student tracking facilities and course administration which formally records attendance and achievement of each employee.

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Price: £14.10 (Inc VAT)

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