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Welcome to the online GSAT training system from the UK's leading supplier. With many years of experience in delivering aviation security related on-line training courses, Quadratica UK are best placed to deliver your GSAT training in the quickest and easiest way possible. Because this is a 100% Quadratica product that is designed, delivered, hosted and supported in-house... we provide a seamless GSAT experience from beginning to end which results in an unparalleled response time to any enquiries.

Online Purchase Fulfillment

Unlike many other GSAT providers, our GSAT course is available to purchase online immediately... meaning you could be taking the course/assessment in a matter of minutes! To start the process you just need to purchase the number of accesses that you will require.

Even though we offer a quick and easy to use system, Quadratica UK's GSAT course is the equal of any other provider. It has been designed and developed by accredited DfT trainers in accordance with the strict UK DfT requirements, helping you to gain your Airport Security Pass as quickly and easily as possible. Designed for users with access to the internet, our GSAT course does not require a CD or any special software to run. All that is required is a reliable internet connection.

Duration & Certification

Usually, the GSAT course will take about an hour, but you can take as long as you want to study the courseware. Each lesson can be paused, re-run or re-started at any time as it is completely user driven. Once you have completed the training modules you can undertake a practice exam in order to check your understanding of the material and assess your readiness to take the final exam. You can take this quiz as many times as you need. Then, when you are ready, you can complete the final GSAT assessment. You have two attempts at taking the final assessment. Once you have successfully passed the final assessment, you can print out your certificate... but just in case you are not able to print out straight away you will also receive an email containing your GSAT certificate to print out later and present to your local Airport Pass Office when you are ready.

With discounts for larger numbers, we consider that we are the most accessible and economical provider of GSAT in the UK. Our system can be run on corporate systems as well as individual computers and our wealth of experience in delivering this kind of training to both private individuals and major corporate clients means that we can cope with any requirements or constraints that you might have.

If you plan on purchasing more than one license for GSAT training within your company, simply buy the number of licenses you require. These can be stored in your online GSAT account and used at anytime. You can always top up your account by purchasing more licenses in the same manner if you need some more at any time in the future. Future purchases are automatically added to your GSAT account. With this option, all certificates are also sent to the administrator of the account for reference. Please remember to enter the correct details of the person taking the GSAT course. The name on the form of the ID that you will present to the Pass Office must be displayed on your certificate. If not, it may get rejected by the Pass Office. Once a GSAT certificate has been issued (by anyone), the name CAN NOT be changed.

Important Notes


In accordance with EU regulation 2015/1998, the Department for Transport (DfT) requires that no one may provide access to security training content unless they are employed in a role which requires airside access and there is evidence that the background check/employment check required has been successfully completed. Therefore, as part of the process of accessing the GSAT course content, we require you, or your employer, to confirm that your job requires an airside pass, your security background check has been successfully completed and that you are aware it is an offence to provide false information in order to gain access to GSAT material. It is also an infringement of the regulations if you are found to be falsifying your credentials or do not take the course yourself.


Processor – PC based AMD Athlon 64, 2.4ghz / RAM – 1024mb / HDD - 200mb free space / OS – Windows 8 & above / Screen resolution – 1024x768 / Browser – Internet  Explorer 10/11.

The GSAT system may run with other configurations, but Quadratica UK cannot warrant that the use of systems which do not meet this recommended specification will provide the interactive learning environment to the levels of quality we would endorse. The online GSAT system does not perform correctly on non-PC machines as standard.


For discounts for larger numbers please contact us for further information.


Please note that ALL refunds on purchases are subject to a 10% admin surcharge if requested after 7 days from initial purchase.


In order to ensure that the process of obtaining access to your GSAT course is as fast as possible you should ensure that your mail system will allow emails from "" through any anti-spam/anti-virus filters as all our automated systems use this address when sending you your information. Thank you.

Payment Options

Payment methods accepted are Visa Credit/Debit, MasterCard, maestro and PayPal

Price: £8.88 (Inc VAT)

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