Personal Profiling Training

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£30.00 (Ex VAT)


Profiling is a screening technique that determines the risk posed to security by an individual through analysis of travel documents, behaviour and appearance. A degree of non-discriminatory profiling is essential – it enables security resources to be focused on those who pose a higher level of risk to security.

Profiling can be a difficult task without proper training. Our PPT course educates security personnel by helping them identify those who present a threat and recognise abnormal behaviour.

Our PPT course is designed for members of your security unit working as part of the wider protection team.

  • Your role as a Profiler
  • Identifying the normal person
  • Identifying suspicious signs
  • The Terrorist’s perspective
  • Electronic profiling
  • Personal belongings and their owners

PPT Course Overview

Duration: 2-4 hours
Price: £30 + VAT

Lesson 1 - What is Profiling?
Lesson 2 - The Role of the Profiler
Lesson 3 - The “Normal” Passenger
Lesson 4 - Suspicious Signs
Lesson 5 - Security: The Terrorist’s Perspective
Lesson 6 - Recognising Fear & Stress
Lesson 7 - Causes for Concern
Lesson 8 - Passenger & Baggage Profiling Psychological Profile of Terrorists/Criminals
Lesson 9 - Electronic Profiling (documentation)
Lesson 10 - Questioning Techniques & Recognising Deception

Upon completion, trainees will receive a certificate confirming their knowledge of basic behavioural analysis.

Affordable, Convenient, High Quality Training

At Quadratica UK we are continually looking for ways to provide our customers with the best functionality, in the most economic format. Training can be expensive, and the quality of instruction can vary from trainer to trainer. Our online training courses deliver high quality training, every time. Scheduling training for a large work force no longer requires the hire of training rooms, or taking staff off the floor. Our courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so training can be scheduled around staff availability and convenience.

To keep our clients’ training overheads down, we have priced our courses by the unit – if only 2 people require training, our clients only pay for 2 units, whereas a certified instructor will charge the same amount whether they are training 2 or 20 people.

We provide training managers with the best possible tools to educate their security staff by continually developing groundbreaking technologies. Our products are designed with a strong focus on our customers’ ever evolving needs and the shifting landscapes of the security industry.

£30.00 (Ex VAT)