Spectator Safety Training - Level 2 / Part 1 - online training course

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£110.00 (Ex VAT)


Our Spectator Safety Training course is designed for those who work at stadia and event venues, with a focus on managing the movement of spectators into and out of the venue. This course is designed for stewards working as part of a wider team.

This course is the first part of the Level 2 Spectator Safety certification.

  • Prepare for spectator events
  • Control the entry, exit and movement of people at spectator events
  • Monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems
  • Help manage conflict
  • Deal with accidents and emergencies
  • Optional Additional Unit: Control and detain people at a spectator event for action by the police

Once a student has successfully completed this online course, they will then be required to be assessed while working on-site to gain their full certification.

SST course overview

Duration: 1-2 days
Price: £110 + VAT

Lesson 1 - Introduction
Lesson 2 - Controlling the entry and exit at events
Lesson 3 - Managing conflict
Lesson 4 - Prepare for spectator events
Lesson 5 - Monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems
Lesson 6 - Dealing with accidents and emergency situations
Lesson 7 - Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

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£110.00 (Ex VAT)