X-Ray Pre Selection Assessment

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Without proper training, the most expensive technology is of little value.

Our Pre-Selection assessment course helps employers determine the aptitude and suitability of prospective X-Ray machine operators and screeners. It tests employee's ability to identify those who present a threat; testing for colour-blindness, image recognition skills and general threat image identification proficiency.

Our online X-PSA course provides an understanding of:

  • How X-Ray equipment works and the safety precautions that should be adhered to
  • The functionality of the X-Ray machine
  • Operator Control Panel and how to test the X-Ray machine in order to identify malfunctions
  • The common steps of the X-Ray screening process, the various techniques for image interpretation and the response to multiple outcomes
  • The TIP (Threat Image Projection) system

To protect the fidelity of course content, the XPSA course is only available to training departments of corporate organisations, not individuals. Please contact us for further information.

X-PSA course overview

Duration: 1-6 hours (does not have to be completed in one sitting)
Price: £15 + VAT

Lesson 1 - Threat Identification - IED & IID's

How to identify different types of IED and IID's and recognising Improvised Explosive Devices and their components.

Lesson 2 - Threat Identification - Firearms

How to identify different types of firearms and their components.

Lesson 3 - Threat Identification - Sharps

How to identify different types of knives and any other objects classed as prohibited items.

Lesson 4 - Using X-Ray Equipment

How X-Ray equipment works, functionality of the Operator Control Panel, and common steps of the X-Ray screening process including TIP (Threat Image Projection).

Lesson 5 - Image Recognition

Exposure to X-Ray images of prohibited and threat items, how they correlate to the physical item and items placed around them.

Affordable, Convenient, High Quality Training

At Quadratica UK we are continuously looking for ways to provide our customers with the best functionality, in the most economic format. Training can be expensive, and the quality of instruction can vary from trainer to trainer. Our online training courses deliver high quality training, every time. Scheduling training for a large work force no longer requires the hire of training rooms or taking staff off the floor. Our courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so training can be scheduled around staff availability and convenience.

To keep our clients’ training overheads down, we have priced our courses by the unit – if only 2 people require training, our clients only pay for 2 units, whereas a certified instructor will charge the same amount whether they are training 2 or 20 people.

We provide training managers with the best possible tools to educate their security staff by continually developing groundbreaking technologies. Our products are designed with a strong focus on our customers’ ever evolving needs and the shifting landscapes of the security industry.

£15.00 (Ex VAT)