01. How do I access my course(s) once I have purchased them?

As soon as you have made your purchase, you will be sent login details that allow you to access your course(s) online. Please add to your safe sender list to ensure our emails are not blocked by your anti-spam settings.

02. What are the hardware and software requirements for my computer?

Please check the recommended specifications for each course, however general requirements are:

  • Processor – PC based AMD Athlon 64, 2.4ghz / RAM – 1024mb / HDD - 200mb free space
  • OS – Windows
  • Browser – Internet Explorer 10/11 (with Windows Media Player enabled)
  • Audio – Windows Media Player, wmv format audio capable device
  • Graphics – 32bit colour / Resolution – 1024x768. Flash Player v10.1
03. Are the courses accredited?

All of our courses are designed to ensure that they comply with the relevant industry/regulatory requirements.

04. What happens if I purchase the wrong course?

Please contact us immediately upon realising the wrong course has been purchased. Should the desired course be the same price as the course purchased, we will transfer your purchase. Where there is a difference in price, a full refund will be made and a separate transaction must be made to purchase the correct course.

Please note that it is not possible for us to refund any purchase if the course has been accessed.

05. Are there any discounts for group purchases?

We offer discounts for group purchases. If you intend on purchasing multiple courses, please contact us on 01472898751 or email and we would be happy to discuss the discounts we have available.

06. I cannot find a course that matches the training I want to deliver. Are there any bespoke options?

Our sister company’s product – Quad LMS – allows clients to customise the content of course(s) quickly and easily with minimal training. Change text, add/remove photos, edit voiceovers and change backgrounds.

Quad LMS comes in a wide variety of packages, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

07. How soon can I start using X-Screen® once I’ve bought it?

X-Screen® comes complete with a collection of pre-constructed images, lessons and courses that you can assign to trainees straight away.

There is the option to create your own bespoke training material - as directed by your trainer during your Administrator training session - but the course contains a number of preloaded training sessions.

08. What is the cost of an X-Screen® update?

All updates - image library upgrades and machine interface / software updates - are free for the duration of your X-Screen® contract. As long as you are in a current support package, updates are included at no extra cost.

*Extra training and travel charges may be required – please contact us for more information.

09. How much are X-Screen® image library updates?

X-Screen® image library updates are free of charge. Quadratica update the X-Screen® image library annually, to include new threat, search, and clear item images.

We welcome any client requests for specific images. We will endeavour to include requested items in the next scheduled image update.

10. Is X-Screen® compliant with UK DfT requirements?

X-Screen® is compliant with all current UK DfT regulations relating to X-Ray Operator refresher training (6-in-6). In addition to the DfT, X-Screen® is compliant with a number of other government regulations around the globe. Please contact us for further information.

11. What additional costs will I incur if I purchase a new/different model of x-ray machine during my X-Screen® contract?

No additional costs will be incurred. The annual X-Screen® support and maintenance fee covers the latest product updates and new releases at no extra charge. We have designed our pricing to ensure that you always have the latest version of X-Screen®.

12. I need to create a report that isn’t in the X-Screen® system, is there a way to modify the reports?

Export the report data into a .CSV file and, using Excel, modify the structure of the report to suit your needs.

Should you want to suggest a new report template, customers can request a feature update, which will be considered for inclusion in future programme updates.

13. I am using Windows 10 and every time I try to openX-Screen®, I keep getting a prompt to install Silverlight, but Silverlight is already installed. What’s going on?

In Windows 10, the default browser is Edge. The Edge icon looks very similar to the Internet Explorer icon, however Edge cannot run the Silverlight plug in. This leads to repeated requests for installation. Ensure you are using Internet Explorer as your browser and this will rectify the problem.

14. Can I run the course from my Mac/Apple product?

Unfortunately our courses are not currently supported by Apple products. We recommend using a PC with Internet Explorer v10 or above.