Major Events

Our training ensures security staff are trained and equipped to keep fans and visitors safe.

Any event that attracts a large crowd has the potential to become the target of an attack. Employee security training for major events is imperative to keep fans and visitors safe. Our courses are designed to educate security staff by providing a detailed understanding of potential threats, procedures to follow should issues occur, and the roles and responsibilities required for an optimal security environment.

Security personnel are on the frontline and are often the first responders to an emergency situation. Our training ensures security staff are familiar with the technology available to help secure a venue. Integrated security techniques, including personnel working with sensors and screening equipment, provide a unified security response in the quest to keep visitors safe.

Case Study

Train security personnel to operate checkpoints at multiple locations around the UK.


A major sporting event organising committee had to train security personnel to operate checkpoints at multiple locations around the UK. The required skills training fell into the short-term skill loss bracket, meaning the training had to be as close to deployment as possible to avoid the learned skills being lost before the staff took up their duties. The committee contracted a large security personnel provider undertake the training. It soon came to light that the initial number of 8,000 trainees (as projected by the contracted security personnel provider) was unrealistic, and that 22,000 was a more accurate number of security staff necessary to mitigate any risks.

Security training began three months before the event. Two months before the event start date, the security personnel provider revealed they were unable to recruit sufficient manpower to fulfil the contract. In addition to the large number of personnel that needed to be trained, a problem arose in that only one training centre existed. The centre could not accommodate the training of 22,000 staff in the required window period of 2 months.

Having completed a training-needs analysis for the organising committee two years prior, Quadratica was well aware of the scale of the training required. Years of experience in the industry meant Quadratica was able to submit a realistic, projected number of 24,000 security personnel to the committee.


Over 22,000 personnel needed to be recruited, trained and deployed in a short period of time at multiple locations. High capacity training centres needed to be established and equipped with the same systems in use at the existing training centre.


In addition to the training contract, Quadratica were contracted to provide technical expertise and manpower to ensure the new facilities were fully equipped and ready to deliver training within four days of the need being identified.

A bespoke, equipment-based training course was created for personnel working in a pedestrian or vehicle search area. In addition to this, lessons in line with the highest probability risks – as identified by the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) UK Home Office – were created within Quadratica’s X-Screen® product training modules.

X-Screen® is an X-Ray Image Recognition and Interpretation Training course, certified by the DfT to comply with EU regulations. The programme allows for the modification of lesson styles to match the experience level of the trainee and allows new threat objects to be added into the substantial image library quickly and efficiently.

Five ‘classrooms’ were created in an accessible location for students, consisting of security screening training equipment and computer based course modules. The classrooms were shipped to five different army locations – four in the UK and one in Germany – and, using army recruits, training took place on base.

Results and Benefits

Two weeks before the event start date, all 22,000 staff were trained and ready to take up their posts. Within the training centres, no local presence other than invigilation was required, due to the online nature and ease of use of the Quadratica system.

The solution provided was able to accommodate a large number of trainees, a key advantage of computer-based training. Quadratica has a unique track record in this regard, training higher numbers than all other training providers. With robust systems that can handle millions of transactions a minute, Quadratica can train as many people as needed, as long as there is access to the system.



X-Ray Image Recognition Training

Designed and developed for X-Ray screeners of all levels - X-Screen® is an X-Ray Image Recognition and Interpretation Training course certified by the DfT to comply with EU regulations. The programme allows for the modification of lesson styles to match the experience level of the trainee.

X-Screen® offers high quality, X-Ray correct simulation on all major x-ray machines. Our innovative Bag-Builder module allows new threat objects to be added into the substantial image library quickly and efficiently. As regulations change, X-Screen® can be reconfigured to replicate new operational environments, ensuring employees receive training that is relevant to their duties, regardless of industry sector.

Available in traditional classroom format or as an online course.


X-Ray Pre-Selection Assessment

Without proper training, the most expensive technology is of little value.

Our Pre-Selection assessment course helps employers determine the aptitude and suitability of prospective X-Ray machine operators and screeners. It tests employees’ ability to identify those who present a threat; testing for colour-blindness, image recognition skills and general threat image identification proficiency.


Spectator Safety Training NVQ Level 2

Our Spectator Safety Training course is designed for those who work at stadia and event venues, with a focus on managing the movement of spectators into and out of the venue.

This course is recognised by City & Guilds and is part of the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Spectator Safety.


Checkpoint Security Training - Events & Secure Sites

Designed specifically for Events and Security Sites, our Checkpoint Security Training course ensures employees understand their role and responsibilities while on duty at an event or secure site security checkpoint.

Suitable for any member of staff employed to control access points, this course trains personnel to prepare people for security checks, search bags and persons by hand and use of X-Ray machines or metal detectors. Each lesson in our course introduces users to a new aspect of the job role and explains what is required.


Telephone Bomb Threat Awareness Training

Our Telephone Bomb Threat Awareness course is a training aid for any person who may receive a bomb threat via telephone, in the workplace. This comprehensive CD based training is designed to help organisations combat the potential disruption, and disturbance caused by telephone threats, training employees to handle the threat both during the call, and immediately afterwards.


Mailroom Threat Awareness

Our Mailroom Threat Awareness course covers essential information for employees likely to encounter a suspicious package in a company’s mailroom.

Subjects include recent incidents in mailroom, threat devices, types of devices and consequences of misidentification, basic mail sorting, and general health and safety procedures in the mailroom.


Fire Safety Awareness

Our Fire Safety Awareness course is delivered online in manageable modules, and completed in conjunction with your own evacuation instructions. This essential course covers the most important fire safety subjects necessary to keep people alive and uninjured in an emergency situation. Subjects include the correct use of fire extinguishers, how to attack different types of fires, interpretation of fire safety signs and fire assembly points.

Developed jointly by Quadratica UK and respected industry experts active in the Fire and Safety industry, our FSA course is compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.