X-Screen® - the most flexible X-Ray Image Recognition system available

X-Screen® really is the most flexible X-Ray screener training system available. X-Screen® is available in a huge number of possible configurations to suit customer needs. For example X-Screen® can be delivered as a traditional classroom with multiple workstations or a stand-alone system on a single computer/laptop, or as a service where Quadratica can host your system on our web server(s)… or any mixture thereof. This means that your trainees can access the system from literally anywhere!

100% X-Ray correct simulation

Complemented by a suite of supporting training courses, X-Screen® offers high quality, X-Ray correct simulation on all the major x-ray machines available today. Not only that, but we strive to offer new machine interfaces as and when they are developed or requested. Our bag image library allows us to stay abreast of advances in technology due to our innovative Bag-Builder module and unique capturing technique. This exclusive module, unavailable in any other system, allows Quadratica to add new threat objects into our already substantial library within a matter of days. Using the raw data from the source X-Ray machine allows us to produce very small image files that deliver X-Screens’ training images over the web in imperceptibly short delivery times, even on dial-up! Another major advantage of this technique is that it ensures that users do not learn the bag library because you can add/change/remove the contents of any bag that the users are exposed to in their training or testing sessions.

Flexible Payment Options

There are as many purchase options for X-Screen® as there are potential users. We will always ensure that our customers get the solution that suits their particular training needs… so we will not sell you a system that is too big for your needs and nor will we sell you a system that doesn’t fit your operational-training requirements.

Trainer-led bespoke training courses

X-Screen® also gives trainers the ability to produce their own lessons made up of constructed bag images created in Bag Builder (or individual items), allowing them to go on to create custom courses utilising these lessons. Quadratica have a full set of courses available for users to use when first starting to use the system; beginning at induction level and gradually building to more advanced lessons to give users an instant taste of what can be achieved using this module. All our customers are amazed at the difference it makes to their training regime. An increase in examination marks has been seen across the board immediately following the installation of our systems, replacing their existing legacy X-Ray screener training set-ups. X-Screen® is already used by many customers to satisfy the UK DfT / CAA requirements for 6-in-6 training as it satisfies all the legislative requirements for X-Ray machine operators. It's also used for X-Ray Refresher (or recurrent) training and the results speak for themselves.

Complimentary Products

Quadratica offer a suite of online training programs, available separately or in complementary bundles. Each application is very moderately priced to reflect our ‘value for money’ approach to computer based training. Working alongside a number of well known security organizations and Quadratica’s courses are widely recognised as being professionally constructed, intuitive and extremely user-friendly. Ranging from simple ‘how to’ CD for topics such as our Standard Test Piece using UK DfT guidelines, x-ray equipment user guides, passenger handling procedures, all the way through to advanced x-ray image interpretation skills; each product is self contained, up to date and available off the shelf. We can also offer classroom-led training instructors who are accredited by the UK DfT and have many years of training background within the security industry. Their expertise, alongside our innovative CBT system, can provide your trainees with the skills they need to become proficient security operatives in the field in the shortest possible time.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about our X-Ray Pre-Selection Assessment (X-PSA) courses, we’ll only be too happy to help. 


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